Wall Street and the Mob

Wall Street and the Mob PDF Version                                                    August 27, 2013

For years Wall Street and international banks have been steeling form the public. That public has not minded because they can’t actually see the money coming out of their pockets, so they don’t know who to blame. This may all be for the best because they would have killed to get your money if they had to. There is no high ground in the banking industry. Banking these days is mostly organized crime. This makes sense because crime is risk sensitive just like everyone else. What would suit organized more than a situation where government is a partner? For decades the banking and brokerage industries have operated above the law. Typically when laws are broken fines are assessed. Fines amount to a business expense and the crimes continue. Did I say crimes? Yes but the bankers are safe. Government goes out of its way to treat any banking activity as legal.
Ordinary people would get prison time for the things Wall Street does with impunity.
All of the power and money in the world cannot keep them from destroying the economy. For years, Wall Street has operate like a corrupt dealer at a casino. They have run off all of the honest money and now must square off and trade against each other. The world’s capital markets are destroyed and stocks are ready to fall despite the efforts of the Federal Reserve and the rest of Wall Street’s allies in government.
The public will lose pensions, savings and most of what they own. The parties responsible for rigging and corrupting the financial markets for years will keep their profits.
It could be worse. The profit the mob has been able to make amounts to far more than what they normally kill for.

Drinking Beer And Suffering Till The Bailouts Are All Done

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