What Mainstream Economics Skips

The words dominance and subservience are never mentioned in an economics text book. Much is said about how resources are rationed by price or by government. Fantasy Free Economics treats defines economic as the study of survival of the human species. Mainstream economics treats the individual as a sentient being. In terms of incentives and propensities all participants are deemed equivalent and interchangeable. Fantasy free economics observes that each character is born with a unique set of personality traits. The majority are born with unique personalities but that are similar and very common. Others have personality distributions that are unlikely but render them likely to engage in certain behaviors. Different personality types respond differently to the ongoing struggle it the system of dominance and subservience.
A small percentage of the population possesses a political personality. These individuals are born with a serious sense of entitlement and a propensity to dominate. Out of this pool come world leaders and politicians at all levels. Competition to become a world leader is far more pronounced than other activities that ace considered highly competitive. Where is the competition most ruthless, the presidential election in the United States or gaining the job of starting quarterback in the NFL? The NFL is child’s play in terms of competition compared to the struggle in politics. Mainstream economics makes no distinction between the behavior of one individual and another.
In mainstream economics all people are considered free and freedom loving. Rights are often said to be given by the creator. In a real world setting, people are born free. But, what is normally done with freedom? A human’s goal in life according to what the brain is programmed to determine is to survive and pass genes forwarded into new generations. In order to do that freedom is most commonly traded for comfort and certainty or for just the perception of comfort and certainty. Freedom has some value but when giving it up increases chances of survival, freedom is let go surprisingly easy.
People with political personalities, don’t offer freedom for comfort but they do ge beat and some settle down with an acceptable level of power. The more successful ones continue fighting political battles their whole lives.

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