What Will United States Citizens Do?

As trying times intensify in the United States, surely some folks are beginning to contemplate just how United States citizens will react and what they will do ,politically and personally – when the economy collapses.

I was talking to a close relative recently and his position was that when Americans get their backs completely up against the wall that they will fight back like lions. Americans have an image of themselves as freedom – loving sentient beings with extraordinary character.  If Americans are accurate in how they define themselves, certainly the country would be acting differently than they are.


An important tool in fantasy free analysis is that of looking at outcomes and deciding whether assumed inputs would generate given outcomes. A society which deems itself to be as noble as United States citizens  claim to be,  would never find themselves in the political and economic predicament that they are in today.

In previous posts and in the the Fantasy Free Advantage  Ebook, I have explained how freedom actually works. People, although born free, do not go about life optimizing their freedom, seeking more – and protecting what freedom they have.

Early in life, all people begin engaging  in what I call intelligent submitting. Freedom is a bargaining tool. Freedom is traded for comfort, safety and sometimes a guaranteed essence. This takes place in a world governed by laws of dominance and subservience.  Some, but only a few, continue dominating others for the rest of their lives. These are the kind who become elected leaders. One of them dominates his way all the way up to the position of president of the United States. Be it a boss by agreement, or to the government, people submit to  someone or something else greater than themselves.

Remember the Stockholm Syndrome? It is applied to those who become captured and for survival’s sake, end up identifying with their captors. The Stockholm Syndrome also  works the same way with anyone who is given or assumes power over them. Have Americans overall submitted to government? Have they submitted to laws that are passed? How much energy these days is devoted to repealing the Affordable Care Act? Is anyone trying to get the ethanol mandate repealed? How about closing the Department of Education? Why not? These are destructive laws. Both the Affordable Care Act and the ethanol mandate amount to corporate skimming operations. Education levels began dropping as soon as the Department of Education was up and running. They are still dropping.

Americans have submitted to these laws. Repealing one would be interpreted as being disloyal.  Once folks have submitted to a law, repealing it is out of the question. How many bad laws are on the books? How often do laws of any kind get repealed?

As I have written many times, when voting and dealing with government – people act on instinct, not intellect. Dealing with government and voting are governed  by survival – based instinctive propensities. What this amounts to, is multitudes voting in keeping with the automatic or animal brain. When votes are casts, voters do what their automatic brain tells them to do. Voting for a leader amounts to submitting to a leader or potential leader. Notice the absence of genuine intellectual arguments in  political discussions. Candidates tell voters what they want to hear. If they don’t… they will lose. Voters choose the candidate who best addresses their biases and predetermined notions.

When the United States enters the depth of the coming severe depression this will mark the first time in history, with the possible exception of the Roman Empire, that a once dynamic economy is destroyed by a population that is over – submitted to its government.

Where do United States citizens get their essence? Who makes decisions for them? The government does. That is the way it works or when citizens expect government to serve as their guardian.

I estimate that perhaps three percent of Americans are focused on things like freedom and prefer that over all else. These are mostly the self – employed, minus the self – employed who make their livings off of government contracts.

Suffering does activate the thinking brain but that is not enough to spark a meaningful stand against authoritarianism. Americans are submitted and they are faithful to those the have submitted to.

This is not the kind of population which will seriously oppose authoritarianism when their backs are against the wall. Voters may very well turn out incumbents in record numbers but they will replace them with other tyrants who tell them what they want to hear. There won’t be one initiative designed to return to democratic and free market principles.

So, I expect we can say goodbye to to our high level of prosperity and well being. We are entering into an every man for himself situation. All I can guarantee is chaos.


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