When Times Got Really Weird

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Do important people in governments, corporations and members of the upper one percent only speak with one another in formal venues? Most would say no to that but then live their lives and establish their beliefs as if none of these folks ever interact except in formal settings.

One forgotten characteristic of corporate insiders is that they are among the best salesmen in the world and they are constantly exploring and seeking out information as to how what is going on in the world will influence their bottom lines.  Politicians are constantly reading tea leaves trying to determine what actions will or will not result in greater acquisition of power.  The upper one percent are always looking for ways to increase their wealth and gain more. These kinds of folks are absolutely brilliant and try to figure out what is coming next. They are good at these things. They don’t get their news from watching CNN. Instead they determine what news the media reports.  There is no chance that even just one of these kinds did not know the virus was going to break out and spread before the problem was announced.

Is it really a surprise that the stocks of Big Tech, Big Pharma, Hospitals and Health Insurance have skyrocketed while most other stocks have not even advanced above their 200 day moving averages? It is only a big surprise if you like surprises and insist that it is so.

These corporations had advance knowledge that there was going to be a threatening virus outbreak that would effect the whole world. They used their enormous political power to guarantee themselves optimum outcomes. The national Corona Virus response was crafted by corporate insiders and sold to formal governments as a means of gaining more power and control over the population and to insure their continued high profitability. So, today we are executing a plan that impoverishes all others but enriches a few businesses at the top of the corporate food chain.

In the real world, this is the way collective action and central planning really work.

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