Where do Despots Come From?

Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini

Adolph Hitler is always first to be mentioned as an example of a destructive despot. Hitler was highly theatrical and he killed many Americans can easily identify with. There have been many, some of whom killed far more than Hitler. These killers seem to pop up around the globe. So, how does one become one of these immoral killing machines? Getting in that position is really not all that easy.

Despots always come from the pool of world leaders or heads of state. Not everyone has what it takes to become a world leader. Leader of a nation is the most competitive occupation on the planet. It takes a person with highly unlikely and specialized personality characteristics.  The terms sociopath, psychopath and political personality are often used to describe the necessary characteristics needed to acquire such a high level of power.

The World’s Biggest Waste of Time

Any world leader has the potential to be a despot but only a few lead groups of people gullible and desperate enough to allow one to obtain such a high level of power. Each potential despot is also held in check by other world leaders and politicians vying for power.

At any given time all but a few world leaders would try to assume total power over as many others as possible. The question always is, what country has  citizens gullible and pliable enough to turn their lives and future over to a single leader?

In the United States today, we have a huge segment who are rebelling against the democratic process. For many their biggest expectation from government is to make sure others speak only kind words to them and refrain from describing them with unflattering terms.  Citizens in the United States get no meaningful information with respect to the activities of government. That is not by accident. If citizens actually knew what lawmakers were doing, they might vote them out of office.

Although real wages have been declining for many decades, poverty in the United States is still not that uncomfortable. But, the level of ignorance is about on par with citizens in most third world countries. Venezuela is an example of a country where citizens have recently voluntarily turned their lives over to an immoral government. They are now paying the price by way of starvation and other suffering.

Do not think just because the poor here are not suffering all that much that our citizens won’t volunteer for slavery. A large number are already doing so. Human beings as a species are instinctively driven to serve a master. Humans can override their basic instincts with intellect but acting on instinct is the path of least resistance. The brain is not a freedom seeking organ. The brain is focused on survival.

The danger to freedom loving citizens comes less from government and more from their brethren who opt for the promises of a leader. At this very moment, the world is full of leaders whom given the opportunity would take on the role of despot.

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