Why are Billionaires Pro Immigration?

Is it a confusing to you that the billionaire class is one hundred percent behind unbounded unlimited immigration? There is a reason. Billionaires are importing customers. You are importing neighbors.

Billionaires will interact with immigrants by selling them goods and services. You will interact with immigrants on the street where customs, outlooks and behaviors will clash.

Fascism is a great economic system for the rich and powerful. Government is used to transfer wealth and income from the poor and middle class to folks at the upper income levels. Fascism hurts the rich in only one way. The poor are a great market for goods and services. They spend all of the money they earn and they spend it on what the billionaire class produces. Fascism so destroys the poor that the billionaire class ends up killing off their natural market. The solution is to import more poor people. They work cheap and spend all they make.

Warren Buffet and Howard Schultz aggressively support immigration for any reason and from any part of the world. Immigration is their cash cow. The public will pay all the costs and they will reap the benefits. Why wouldn’t these folks welcome masses of new people with open arms?

The rich so want to bolster the market they have destroyed that their recommendation is to ignore the statute that is on the books. Their preference is to disregard the law completely and use selective enforcement only when absolutely necessary. Can you imagine a city telling a police force that the speed limit is just a guide and to not bother giving out tickets to tourists who are speeding or to only give tickets to cars with out of state licenses? Ignoring an immigration statute is based on that same type of reasoning.




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