Why Paul Ryan is Quitting

Paul Ryan’s job in congress is to promote the interests of Wall Street. That is where his campaign contributions come from. He is a representative but representation is transferable. The constituents in his district got outbid years ago.

What do we know about power? Power is never relinquished voluntarily. So for Paul Ryan, the personal costs of staying in office far outweigh the enormous benefits of having power. Those who finance Paul Ryan expect results. The consequences of letting those folks down are extremely severe. No politician has power greater than the contributors who finance him. So, he is resigning because there is no longer a way to guarantee Wall Street, corporate insiders and others ever increasing stock prices. There are many other promises made that can no longer be kept.

Escaping blame is another incentive for hitting the bricks. The writing is on the wall. Right now hardly anyone is looking at the wall, but there will be there soon. The political brain blames whoever is present at the moment. Paul Ryan needs to be out of sight and out of mind for his own good,

What do we know about Paul Ryan? We know he is a sociopath. How do we know? Only a sociopaths have the manipulative skills it takes to get elected to congress. Anyone with a congressional seat is extremely intelligent. Paul Ryan will weasel his way into some good deal somewhere so sympathy for him is not called for.

So, what does Paul Ryan’s quitting mean? Others will be quitting also. Disappointing donors is not acceptable. Quitting and going away is the least risky means of giving up on promises.

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