Worshiping False Idols

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Natural law has preeminence over any principle derived out of human intellect.  This presents a problem for mainstream economists. The best sources of natural law are largely off limits to to academics. The ideal sources of natural law are found in ancient writings. The very best sources for Americans are the Old and New Testaments. Natural law is modeled in the stories contained in both books. When modern day activities parallel the stories in these books, it is easily noticed that there are common outcomes. Persons of antiquity thought very deeply and constantly looked for meaning. Now that knowledge has largely been reduced to letters, deep thinking is not that commonplace. People and institutions are observed according to how they are defined and not how they function. Packaged ideas are the norm. People and institutions are seen in terms of how we would like them to be and not according to the way they really are.

In democracy based governments citizens do not behave as modern thinkers insist they do. In these types of systems ordinary people are charged with controlling their various governments. What actually happens when leaders and representatives are elected? Citizens relinquish control and give it to those they have elected. The assumption is made that the motives of elected officials are pure as driven snow. This is complete fantasy. The practice of worship is not restricted to giving respect to and acknowledging a deity.  Humans are far more likely to worship each other than a supreme being. Leaders and representatives are worshiped as if they are in charge of providing essence to the population.  In the ancient writings this is called worshiping false idols.  Believing or not believing in God is a personal issue. One thing is certain. No living thing on earth is divine. The folly of worshiping false idols is constantly demonstrated throughout ancient writings.

Still mankind is prone to seek essence from higher powers. Higher powers are assumed to be possessed by all who govern whether elected or appointed. There may be no harm in denying the existence of a supreme being. There is great harm in deeming various individuals and institutions as being substitutes for a supreme being. Natural law guarantees that great harm will follow the practice of worshiping false idols. I will paraphrase the words of a very insightful person, Roy Masters. “Wherever you place your faith, there you unwittingly surrender your soul.”

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