Zodiac Signs and Going to Jail

Paradoxes in human behavior are easily explained once it is accepted that humans seldom think and act as individuals. The potential is there but herd behavior and thinking is practiced by default. Like bees and ants, people are born with certain characteristics so as to carry out various tasks that help the species survive. Successful politicians have an inborn skill for herding people together, managing their lives and using them to attain their personal goals. Generals have what it takes to send others off to die. For some, people murder is a reasonable thing to do. Most of what an individual does, that individual is predisposed to do.

Fascism An Incurable Cancer

It is uncanny how often people born under a certain sun sign have characteristics that are attributed to that sun sign. It may have nothing to do with the way the zodiac lines up. Over time a pattern in nature may have developed so that varying personality types are born at certain times of the year. A few statistical studies have been done that indicate that the time of year a person is born does in slight ways determine personality types.
Currently, I am studying how many of each sun sign are booked at the Bexar County jail each day. The results are getting interesting but not yet conclusive. More people are born at some times of year than others. Those groups are always highly represented and adjustments must be made to account for that. Why am I studying jail bookings? That data is easy to get and there is plenty of it.

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