Another Ridiculous Headline

 “The highest interest rates in almost two decades have so far failed to plunge the US into recession.” 

I copied this subtitle out of the ZeroHedge article linked below..

America’s Luck Running As Rising Rates Start To Bite


 The stubborn unwillingness of Americans to think astounds me.  Has anyone got their eyes open? Anyone willing to open his eyes? Can anyone see his hand in front of his face?   Does anyone want to see his hand in front of his face? Who is not afraid to look

Stores are carrying minimum inventories, all of them, just because that is the new trendy thing to do, right?  Delinquencies on mortgages are not rising or they? Of course not, folks are just too lazy to pay their bills these days, I guess.  Not to worry, they will catch up. Branch banks are closing because customers just want to deal with the few mammoths controlling the banking industry because of personal choice.

Government accounting is an honest, pristine endeavor, impossible to manipulate, of course? No one’s opinion is being managed. Don’t think for a minute that managing public opinion is an important tool in the central economic planning process. Don’t believe such a thing. That might deem you as unpatriotic or a trouble maker. Thank God there are no venues where ordinary people can interact and exchange grassroots ideas. Brilliantly, those have all been eliminated. That way, good, really smart people face no obstacles in protecting the masses from falling victims to their own stupidity.  Certainly , your betters have.Don’t they always? Do your own research. See if you can find even one example in history when the masses have completely put their faith in experts and authority, where life has not turned out just stellar for everyone. Finally we have rid the world of democratic principles and free markets and good riddance, agree?

There is no problem the experts can’t fix. Adopt their thoughts and opinions. Don’t harm yourself and others by thinking for yourselves. Finally…. by no means spread ideas and information by means of email. Those things might be censored in the media. Censorship is used to protect you. Don’t impose your silly notions on others. Just be still and know that your betters are taking care of you. When asked to fall on a sword for your country, comply. Do it. It is your duty as a patriot to do so. Trust and believe.

Be happy that the country is not in a recession or worse a depression. Wait until the official numbers tell you so and remove all doubt.


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