Like Dogs Without A Master

An American without his government is like a dog without a master. We have a nation of people who identify as Republicans, Democrats, liberals and conservatives. Ostensibly, these self designations represent a person’s actual posture in the world. They don’t

One day not far back, I was out taking a walk. A car stopped and asked if I was the guy with the signs in my yard. I said yes. He said he stopped just to say he agreed with me. I asked him why he didn’t put similar signs in his yard. He replied that he didn’t want to draw attention to himself, excused himself and drove off. That is the way it is in the United States.

I guess I am like a stray dog that doesn’t want a master, and likewise suffer due to lack of compliance, like a dog that won’t stay in the fence and gets taken to the pound.

Like dogs, humans look for a master to make decisions for them and provide for their essence. Conservatives claim the opposite but when push comes to shove, they do as little or less than liberals to rein in government. Why should they? Though indirectly, their incomes depend on the programs government has put in place. Citizens may have opposed the Affordable Care Act.  Now countless Americans make a living off of it. God forbid that it ever gets repealed. Incomes depend upon government programs.

Conservatives reason, o.k. the programs that are in place…. but no new ones please. That constitutes fiscal conservative reasoning in the United States. Now, there are the homeless and the economically downtrodden. They are where they are because their incomes are not or never were dependent upon what the government spends. The self-employed are in that situation as well.

Not once in my memory have I witnessed a demonstrative effort calling for the closure of even one parasitic government agency. God forbid laying off government employees. Folks reason that a new president will set the country on the right track. Subsidized interest rates will re-emerge and home prices will rise again. That won’t happen. Americans have abandoned free market principles and now opt for central planning, even those who claim they don’t.

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