Like Dogs Without A Master

An American without his government is like a dog without a master. We have a nation of people who identify as Republicans, Democrats, liberals and conservatives. Ostensibly, these self designations represent a person’s actual posture in the world. They don’t Continue reading

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First Amendment Ghettos

I began using technology during the 80s before the internet evolved. I wasn’t the first guy to get on the internet. Statistically, I was pretty early. The internet early on was a picture of good will. Companies like AOL sprung up. At first very few women were online but they came along. Conversation was open and vibrant. In the beginning, the internet served as a great equalizer. Information freely flowed from person to person. Ordinary people were in charge. A search engine was a search engine and truly performed the function search engines were expected to perform. Continue reading

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How Freedom Really Works

Human beings define themselves in the loftiest
possible terms. They are prone to do the same with
respect to whatever authority they lie under. This is
all completely instinctive. In political science and
economics each individual is deemed to be a
freedom seeker. Is that true? I am about to show you
that is not.

How Freedom Really Works.

Years ago, I lived in such a small town, I walked to
the post office which was just a few blocks away. I
looked behind me and a puppy was following me.
The puppy followed me into the house. We still
have the dog, which is 15 yrs now.

The puppy was free to follow anyone and probably Continue reading

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