Are Your Fantasies Being Properly Fed?

shutterstock_69475726Many reasons are given for voting one way or another but all voters are voting their fantasies. They always do.

In politics fantasies begin with the notion that nature provides an incentive to serve. There is no incentive to serve.  Why are Donald and Hillary running for president? In your imagination, one of them will carry your water endless trying to serve you and make your life better. We never know precisely why a candidate runs for president. We do know that it is for their benefit alone. Government is a means to an end. You have no political power so you are not going to get what you want from government no matter how much you wish, hope and fantasize.

The best candidates pander to the fantasies of their constituents and convince them that their they are on the verge of seeing their hopes materialize. This will never happen in many many lifetimes and certainly not yours. Why? Human nature will not allow it. As a voter, you are a resource, no matter how highly you think of yourself.

For decades African Americans have placed their faith in the Democratic Party and have received absolutely nothing for their time and effort. Every gain African Americans have made has come from what they have done on their own. These things began with people like Frederick Douglass who was clearly one of the bravest human beings ever born. He may have also been the greatest orator who ever set foot on American Soil. Who actually did the most  to bring equality to African Americans? It was Thurgood Marshall. The Brown Vs. The Board of Education case did more for equality than all of the politicians in the world have ever done for African Americans. African Americans have pulled themselves up. All politicians have ever done is take credit for things they never did and never will do.

What about white conservatives? They ascribe success to people like Ronald Reagan who is stereotyped as a conservative. This man did more to initiate the wrecking of the U.S. free market system than all of the communist countries in the world.

The fantasy that someone in government is serving you is a completely destructive notion. It is not happening and never will. My advice to voters is to study the Delegate Model of Representation and give it a try.

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