Coming Headwinds of the United States and Citizens

Fantasy Free thinking requires thinking in the light of reality. That is what the Fantasy Free Advantage is. Gain the fantasy free advantage. See the world the way it is. You will be early. You will be right.

The United States has dismantled its free market system and replaced it with a manipulated and managed debt – based economy. Create debt and GDP increases. Stop and the economy tanks. We are at the point where debt cannot be increased any longer..

It takes free market forces to generate a recovery. There will be no recovery. The essential  ingredient of free market forces is missing

Earnings in all income classes are going to decline, especially for professionals. For example, doctors overseas make a fraction of what they earn in the U.S. Not to pick on doctors, this is true of all professions. Poor schools and declining education levels leave American citizens from being ignorant to highly under – educated.

Social media is losing influence. That will continue.  People are no longer fascinated.with it. The providers know this, even while pretending otherwise. Social media losing its influence strikes a huge blow to the consortium trying to take over the world and make resources out of inhabitants. The consortium has always counted on social media to homogenize the population and manage their thoughts and opinions. Social Media is becoming impotent. More on social media – Big Changes Coming Social Media. The decline in influence of social media presents a serious obstacle to the parties aspiring to control the world and make resources out of its citizens. The internet is increasingly being regarded as if it was a phone book, nothing but ads and no meaningful information.

The social media companies had great aspirations based on homogenizing  their users in order to make them advertisement friendly and easy to market to. They lacked the awareness to grasp that this would change their users behaviors. They also failed to fathom it would make online experiences dull and uninteresting. What they expected to have is a perfect population, that they could use in whatever capacity their minds could come up with. Instead. they created a diminishing mob of docile, compliant , mind – numbed hominids that don’t respond or get excited about anything. Social media will suffer immensely.

YouTube has been going spastic trying to show ads. They try one technique after another trying to display ads in ways where they don’t get automatically clicked off after 5 seconds. Google has started not responding when a search term is one they don’t like. Time is running out for them. They are running off users and burning advertisers. This is fine for maintaining stock prices but it will kill them eventually. Big tech is cooked, though that is not yet acknowledged or snapped to.

The Deep State cannot persevere unless they can manage the thoughts and opinions of the population.

Distrust of the healthcare industry and all who prosper from it is only in the beginning stages. The death rate in the United States is rising rapidly in the aftermath of the adoption of the Affordable Care Act. Once a bill has been passed, repealing it is a near impossibility. Organized crime owns the healthcare industry. There is no other explanation that explains a law that provides corporate skimming operations, spreads resources out as thin as possible, homogenizes physicians, spreads out resources as thin as possible and funnels obscene profits to those who lobbied to get the bill Passed.

The United States has a debt – driven corrupt service – based economy where prosperity has been created by producing asset bubbles. No bubbles –  no prosperity. There is nothing wrong with having a debt – based economy. That being the case, there must be a demand  for the services offered. What happens when our information and technology sector starts operating in retrograde while competition is growing overseas? What happens when our financial sector faces a lengthy depression? It was all built by creating bubbles. Now the bubbles are bursting. What happens to our defense industry…. independent of manufacturing, if the population adopts an anti – war , anti – imperialist posture?

Our free market system has been dismantled, so there is no way for an economic recovery to occur. Central planning cannot reboot a suffering economy. Permanent Depression.

There is nothing complicated in identifying headwinds like the ones described. No experts are needed. All it takes is an honest look at the situation in the light of reality.


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