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X or Twitter if you prefer, is treated as if it is a bastion of free speech. Believe it if you wish. Pay to play social media is a variety of censorship itself. It is just stealth in nature. Social media wants users who can be used as resources. That is not all that social media wants. Few have not observed that there is an organized effort going on to make resources out of all of humanity. The presence of social media in this effort is critical.

It is not that no one takes censorship seriously. Plenty do but all of the censorship they know about is the squelching of well known icons of wisdom

The most serious and destructive censorship is that applied to the overall population. Hardly a soul notices. Fear is that if the overall population gets involved, public discourse will head in all different directions. That makes it hard to lie to everyone. Who wants to compete with multitudes of opinions and takes on things? Lies work better when told to a homogeneous trusting audience.

The elite’s solution is to provide only pay to play social media platforms. That way, users hover around already known voices but interaction with one another is highly unlikely and virtually impossible. This is the way it works in the echo chambers. Folks end up thinking they are hearing material that will make a difference. It doesn’t. Very little insight makes it out of the echo chambers. Free speech yes but it is quarantined.

TIK Tok seems to be more of a public forum. It is being attacked and thwarted for that reason. Safety for Americans efforts are a farce.  Risk is part of life especially for the young. Remove all of the risks they are prone to take and they become adults without the ability to assess risk. If our leaders wanted to protect citizens from harm as an only goal, they might re-impose a return to the 55 mph speed limit. That would save more lives than preventing them from something they might find on Tik Tok.

It is known by a few, that neither the Fantasy Free Advantage or Fantasy Free Economics is allowed to post much ….anywhere. I have been able to post on Quora and X. I do not have a premium account on X. It is cheap but pay to play is against my principles.

This morning when I logged into X to make comments, this is what showed up on my screen.

I was able to unlock the account but it is limited now and pretty useless.

Here is a sample of the types of comments I make. I suppose they are what is being deemed as unusual activity

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Organized crime controls our healthcare industry. The health of the population is not even a consideration.

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While protests continue and elections are ongoing, it is business as usual for the likes of Henry Cuellar and the rest of our elected psychopaths.

We all have the option of getting involved. Or, the other option is for folks to keep telling each other favorite stories in these echo chambers.

The truth is distasteful, I admit. Outside of pornography, in all of history, only the truth has ever been censored. Lies don’t need to be censored. Lies, in time, get busted anyway. The truth is a threat to all who make a living telling lies because the truth, once apparent, never disappears.

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