Conspiracies, Hillary Clinton, her Dishonest Supporters and Fools

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a rally to promote early voting ahead of Super Tuesday at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016 in Pine Bluff, Ark. (AP Photo/Gareth Patterson)

Over the years there have been a small number of conspiracy theories that have never panned out. Some conspiracy theories come and go.

Only a few of us experience unique individual thoughts. We make up about three percent of the population. We notice things. We read a lot and don’t necessarily accept all that we encounter at face value. We are the source of new ideas. This is an approach to life that non thinkers are unfamiliar with. We are what Hillary Clinton and her supporters deem conspiracy theorists.

Normal human behavior is to trade freedom for comfort and deflect any new idea which conflicts with a person’s comfort zone. Virtually everyone who extrapolates something that is less than obvious out of someone’s behavior or spoken words, is quickly described as a conspiracy theorist. For the stupid and ignorant any idea they haven’t already heard from an authority figure is going to be described as conspiracy theory. To the stupid and unaware, all there is is what they have already heard or seen. These are the rank and file Hillary supporters. I might add that they are extremely dishonest, not only with you but with themselves. Thinking is dangerous and it leads to change. Their response is to call anyone with an unsettling observation a conspiracy theorist. Doing this is a lot easier for a dishonest lazy person than to launch an investigation and come up with a solid counter argument.

Do not mince your words out of fear of being called a conspiracy theorist, kook or any other unfriendly term a stupid ignorant person decides to throw at you.

The level of unique independent thought is actually not constant. Without stress or meaningful suffering the mind has a way of turning to mush. When stupidity becomes normal, suffering is right around the corner. Suffering is difficult but it does activate the thinking process. Stupidity is in fact the normal state of mind in the United States. When the suffering starts, more thinking will be initiated. What are deemed conspiracy theories today will suddenly become amazing insight. Of course some suspicions will always turn out not to be supported by facts as they unfold. Those of us who think, know that in advance.







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