Debunking Keynesian Economics

strawHow do we debunk a sophisticate economic theory? It is no problem. Look at the basics of the theory. Keynes General theory assumes a straw man will carry out the government intervention.  I find multiple flaws but the easiest one to see is that there is no such thing as a straw man. As a matter of fact a straw man is an impossibility. There are no incentives in the universe that will cause a human being to function as a straw man.

The logic in the theory is flawless but there is no way to get a Keynesian solution if any of the ingredients are missing. A corrupt man or a corrupt committee is what implements the plan. Nature provides no incentive to selflessly serve others. With the Keynesian model, go ahead and do the math. Make the models. Sell the idea but all it will do for sure is transfer wealth and income and have an indecernable influence on the economy,

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