DNA Of Your Betters

What are some of life’s most competitive
activities? There are professional sports, pop
music, business in general and so on. Is there
any reason why an average person with an
average of DNA based attributes cannot rise to
the top in any and all of competitive fields?

There is no law against trying. Given enough
effort is there any reason why Pee Wee Herman
couldn’t play line backer in the NFL? Perhaps
he does not run fast enough. Is he too light?
Can he bench press 400 lbs? Is he competitive
enough? It takes a lot to qualify as a linebacker
in the NFL. What is most necessary here is
what is in a person’s DNA.

How competitive is the process of becoming the world’s richest man?

How competitive is it to become the world’s most powerful man or woman?

How competitive are elections of the president and members of congress?

The competition to be top dog on the world stage in any of the above just mentioned
positions is almost impossible to even fathom because it is so severe. In truth that kind
of competition gets bloody.

What DNA based characteristics would contribute to winning the presidency or a seat in
congress? Some describe it as a political personality. A good question is, what is the
difference between a political personality and that of a sociopath? Honestly, that is a
good question. Is there a difference?

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