Yard Signs

There are countless Americans who are upset
given the strange atmosphere in the country. I
wonder though how many are really thinking?
There seems to be an attitude that some leader
will emerge and move the country back in the
right direction. I guarantee you, this will never
happen. Unless ordinary people who live in
houses and apartments, whom must work in
order to survive, get aggressive in
communicating their thoughts, there is
absolutely no chance that most of them will
avoid being destroyed financially.

Government is not about representing. It is not
about creating fairness or opportunities.

Government is for taking, not for giving. There is no chance anyone in the world will give up their own self interest and do good things for constituents. It has never happened yet.
Watch, and see if it happens this time.

Honestly, if Americans are so inwardly focused and unwilling to lift a finger or spend a
dime outside of the formal political process, the country is genuinely and certainly
doomed. The formal political process is not working, so why are folks looking to it for
solutions? With this mentality, the losses Americans are on the eve of experiencing, will
be well deserved.

What does one yard sign do? Ask a real estate agent. They would not put signs in yards if
people ignored them. Put a sign in your yard and it increases the probability someone
else will do the same thing, Face it. Folks are waiting around for someone to give them
permission to speak up, When a neighbor puts up a topical yard sign, that actually gives
someone else permission to put one up also.

This is a new sign I have just ordered.
I am happy if anyone wants to use it as a template. The size is 24×18. The image is
already the right dimensions. There is nothing sacred about my design. Make your own.

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