Essence of Fantasy Free Thinking

Every child is born into an ongoing eternal power struggle but does not know that is the case.

Nature gives all of its creatures a high level of discernment with respect to the present moment. All animals are born with the ability to recognize risks and  rewards – as well as fact or fiction ….close to flawlessly in the present moment.

Opportunities and dangers are
immediately fathomed and responded to.
The basic nature of our existence is completely daunting. We know not what we are nor why we
are here. We can only live by consuming other living things. We do not know what life is even though we recognize it when we see it. We do not know what consciousness is either ….or whether it is part of the physical world – or exists independently. We are mortal and really don’t know what death is , either.

There is an alternative to living in the uncertainty that is given by nature.

We can replace it with fantasy. So, at birth the race to escape reality begins and continues until death. Reality becomes what we want or what we can cope with instead of what it really is. Reality always catches up with a human being one way or the other. Happiness requires staying a safe
 distance from the reality of survival – both as an individual ….and as a species.

Humans create a safer and happier mental arena for survival than the one nature provides…. although the one nature provides is always in control.
It is comforting to believe that there are one or more benevolent entities by way of government, religion or something else working in our behalf, trying to do what is right in order to make lives better. This is the common fantasy the mind generates , but the truth is the opposite.

No one enters public life for any purpose other than personal gain, be it power, money or prestige. This is the truth. I am sorry – but it is.
So, we end up with a population of messiah – seekers who support candidates who they believe will carry water for them when elected to office. There are basically two styles of representation in government, trustees and delegates.

In government today all who are in office are trustees. There are no delegates.

A delegate is one who votes the will of his constituents regardless of his personal opinions or postures. We end up with a government of individual power – seekers pursuing their own interests and a public which has no influence over government.

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