Dominance and Subservience Deniers

0000With just a quick glance at the world we live in, we can see that all life is governed by laws of dominance and subservience. Every living thing survives by consuming other living things. The species which consumes the most of all others seems to survive most efficiently. Animals also press lower animals into service. Humans organize other animals into herds and train others like dogs and horses to be helpers and tools. Herding does not stop with other animals. Humans herd one another so as to profit off of the efforts of others.  Up until a few hundred years ago no distinction was made between owning humans and lower animals. For most of history, slavery has been widespread and normal.

Life is brutal and nature is ruthless. Jesus offered a spiritual alternative that some have excepted. Others fantasize that human nature is different than it is. These are the dominance and subservience deniers. The world is hard to cope with so to make the stay more pleasant most redefine everything to reduce stress.

Government is treated as a benevolent institution but it is just the opposite. Government is the go to institution when the goal is to exploit others.  With problems, perceived and real, government is automatically seen as having solutions to all problems. Global warming is deemed by some to be a severe problem, Government is pointed to as the sure solution.

If global warming was turned over to the governments of the world, the world would end much quicker than if the perceived problem was allowed to continue.  Believing governments are benevolent does not make them so. Government is where  folks go to exploit problems for personal benefit. Government working on stopping global warming would come down to countless initiatives to profit from the problem. The problem will become more pronounced because the larger the problem, the larger the profit.

As of late, global warming alarmists have been calling their detractors science deniers. They say global warming is settled science. Anyone who reads knows that is untrue especially since there is no such thing as settled science.

The laws of dominance and subservience are what determine the outcome of political events. It is deniers of dominance and subservience who are pushing the global warming agenda.



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