Economics of Cheating

indexI will put the deflated ball story in proper perspective. Americans are quick to jump on celebrities for cheating, especially those who are a step above the others in terms of personal behavior. Part of our system of herd behavior is for each individual to find a comfortable status point within any group they identify with. Many are trying to climb the social ladder. Some have successfully traded some or all of their freedom for a level of comfort they are satisfied with. When a celebrity they might otherwise envy has a failing that harms his image, herdsters feel elevated.

In general, Americans are not offended by cheating. All of government operates as a system whereby the politically powerful constantly cheat the rank and file out of income and wealth. The Federal Reserve, gives advance information to privateer firms and favored traders. Young men and women enlist as mercenaries to fight on behalf on international corporations, while being told they are fighting for freedom. Healthcare providers routinely over bill Medicare and hustle patients into unnecessary procedures. Cheating is a way of life. None of this bothers Americans. Politicians never tell the truth unless it is an accident. Citizens continue to worship their leaders and re elect them, no matter how much they lie and cheat.

Where sports are concerned, cheating is part of the game. Deflating footballs is cheating but so is committing a foul on purpose to gain an advantage. Sometimes the refs don’t see and often the risk is worth it. Cheating in sports is normally allowed. Teams and players are just penalized if caught. So, perhaps New England deflated balls and is going to get penalized.

Sports teams draw money out of taxpayers and will tell any lie to get government assistance. Teams and players participate in the advertising business. Advertising is actually nothing but celebrated lying. Athletes who do endorsements are agreeing to tell lies for cash. If there is any honesty in the business side of sports, it is less than obvious.

In congress every bill that is passed, is for the purpose of rigging one or more markets. Income is constantly taken form the unsuspecting and transferred to the politically powerful. Truth is never used and for a number of good reasons. Citizens don’t want to hear it and for politicians lies work better.

But, the world demands complete honesty out of the New England Patriots.


Just Another Day at the Whorehouse, is a Great Curbside Jimmy tune.

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