Expect Violence

Both Democracy and free markets serve as substitutes for violence.  Our free market system has been replaced by fascism. Once the claws of fascism grip a society, the living standards at the bottom rungs of the ladder decrease. With each passing day, poverty moves further up the ladder. Folks at the top, using political power, draw more and more income and wealth to themselves until the upper 5 percent possess virtual all of the wealth and income. This is a gradual process so those who suffer never figure out the cause of their troubles until the economy is destroyed. This is not capitalism.

Prior to democracy most issues were settled with violence. Currently our society is rejecting democracy in favor or an autocratic system. The public gets terrified when voters make other than mainstream choices. The news media panics and starts trying to defeat the candidate before the election is decided by popular suffrage. Politicians from both parties take the democratic process as a threat and try to prevent it from functioning.

The population is ignorant. Although self esteem is at record levels, citizens are completely ignorant of history. When economic stresses increase, they have no idea of the cause.  When I point to the ignorant, I am not singling out blue collar workers. I am talking about university professors, physicians, attorneys,  accountants and all others who unwittingly believe themselves to be enlightened. The ignorance and stupidity is pervasive. Opinions are managed. Opinions that bolster self esteem are the most popular. Of course the managed opinions only make people happy while destroying abilities to respond productively to the natural stresses the universe imposes.

So what happens when both the economy and the political system fail? People discover that they have been exploited and have no way to address their issues through government.  That is when the violence starts and it can take numerous forms. Crimes at the top are already being committed at the top with impunity.  All others take this as permission to commit crimes at lower levels.  Chaos ensues.

Expect violence both from government and among the citizens. This is all perfectly normal for the situation we are moving into it.

With respect to the violence, I am not going to participate. For one thing I am to old, 67. Also, I have better judgment.


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