Neighborhood Walkers for Trump

aI don’t know Donald Trump. If I did, I would call him and tell him how he can win easily. Trump supporters should do this independently of the formal campaign. Start immediately in the battle ground states. In each town and city start groups called Neighborhood Walkers for Trump. Then start walking neighborhoods in groups of 4 or five.  Why walk in groups? The more people walking the less fear each walker experiences.  Also, people are more likely to respond favorably to a group. A bunch of people who are excited easily draws others into a movement6.

Citizens can determine the outcome of an election. Our democracy is not working.  Citizens must force it to work. Being for a candidate is not all that helpful. Voting for a candidate helps a little. Donating $10.00 helps quite a bit better than voting.

Working in a campaign on the phones or walking neighborhoods will determine the outcome of the election. These things should not be Republican initiatives. This needs to be a citizens initiative.

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