Fall Season Stock Market 2023

Virtually every year, I make reference to the fact that the fall seasonal pattern is highly negative for the stock market. Most crashes and serious downturns, historically, have taken place during this time period. As the 2000s ushered in, this began to change slowly. By spring of 2006, sophisticated methods of stock price manipulation were in place. These efforts have become even more sophisticated and highly reliable. As of now, the market is being held up by any heroic means possible. For more insight, type stock market in the blog search bar and plenty will pop up. I have written a lot about stock market manipulation.

I will add just a few new thoughts. For any  who doubt that something as big as the stock market can be externally controlled, how many ever thought something as big as space aliens and anti – gravity technology could be kept from the public, as well as all but a few high ranking officials in government? Then ask, if any group is powerful enough to control the financial markets? And finally ask, if anyone could, would they?

Certainly, our elite brethren know about the normal fall weakness and the peril they face in coming weeks.  All has gone well for them for at least two decades. Corporations like Vanguard, which control fifteen percent of the stock  of countless corporations, have been able to orchestrate massive stock market buyback programs to elevate the stock market. How are those buybacks serving the average corporation now? Other corporations like Anheiser Busch have been guided into committing corporate suicide. How many corporations are satisfied with the outside guidance now?

Big tech is funded by mouse clicks. Profits are stellar but at what future cost? Get your mouse anywhere near an ad and you are watching it. All of the ads are in the same old familiar format. Youtube is absolutely running off its audience, just to show profits in the current time frame. How are the advertisers which place the ads faring? There is no such thing as a search engine anymore. Who out there has ever milked a cow ? Has anyone ever tried to milk a cow for more than it is worth?

What about the public? Since the Corona effort, what has the public gotten excited about? Woke failed. Global warming is now a cold oatmeal sandwich. Ukraine was a dud. Any new Russian haters? The alien whistleblower thing didn’t raise an eyebrow.

A ho hum docile public is easy to fool and manipulate. That is until it feels so assuaged, pacified and comfortable that it doesn’t respond to anything.

A bullish case has one positive attribute. There are more “here comes the crash” scenarios than I have ever seen. This is counterbalanced by the fact that the public is shouting hot dog, buying stocks….&  looking for more upside. The deep state is like a bunch of kids finishing off a peanut butter jar, waiting for their parents to hand them another one.


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