Media Bias Solved

All it would take is a simple federal law stating that a media corporation could not be a subsidiary of another corporation. That would prevent media outlets from having too much collective power. Too much power, of course means configuring public sentiment to their liking, determine the outcomes of elections and helping others rig their markets…. in keeping with various symbiotic relationships they have with others.  Other provisions could be added to such a bill. One , might be to limit the percentage of shares that could be owned by one person.

In order to have this type of bill passed, the public would have to seriously pressure congress to pass it. Given the current mentality of the public, there is no chance. I cannot remember a bill in all of history that has been passed at the insistence of the public. The idea needs to be out there nonetheless.

Whether or not we are dealing with markets, democracy or totalitarianism, market forces are present and active. With both free markets or democracy, free and open information is critical, Without it, any system morphs into a command economy and a totalitarian state. Notice the direction in which the United States is headed.

Much is said about social media, its agenda – driven censorship and its efforts to manipulate the public mindset.  Market forces will take care of social media. That line of reasoning is explained in a previous article. That may take awhile. In order to remain a permanent fixture in society, an industry must have genuine utility to a society.

Big Tech And Market Forces

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