Fantasy Based Voting

8f687_121105093054-01-voting-1105-horizontal-galleryI am forever pointing out that Americans are ignorant but highly esteemed. Voting is not based on what ignorant people know. They don’t know anything. Voting is based on fantasy of knowing. Reading is almost never done. Scanning is done by voters who consider themselves informed. Rush Limbaugh constantly talks about “low information voters.” Rush is so ignorant it hurts to listen to him. Sean Hannity is much worse. The government they speak of doesn’t even exist. Donald Trump wants to make America great again.  I wonder what point in the past he would like to emulate? Donald Trump wants to make good free trade deals. Does he realize that as soon as a deal is made free trade is gone?

Show a voter a headline he agrees with and in his own mind he knows everything that is in it. I get mail from people all the time disputing a point that I made based on the interpretation of a headline. The point is not even in the article.

People vote their fantasies.  Getting a good president is a matter of luck because Americans don’t know a good candidate from a bad one. It is highly dangerous that they think they do.

In the future I am going to write more about natural incentives and what I call instinctive propensities. There may be a number of other natural incentives but self interest is the only one relevant outside of home and close relationships. Nature provides no incentive to serve although voters fantasies that there is.

There are other motivations which are not based on academic knowledge or even reasoning. These are the instinctive propensities. Instinctive propensities usually conflict with what someone understands intellectually. Human to human worship, leadership worship and patriotic behavior are three of the most common. Politicians intuitively understand instinctive propensities and use them to milk votes out of the population.

As I have stated over and over. In democracy crime and government merge. It has happened here. We know where Hillary is affiliated. Donald Trump seems to be still largely unaffiliated. If Trump wins, we will have perhaps six months when government is not completely controlled by organized crime. That will be an opportunity if perhaps 10% of the people grasp the problem and put up resistance.

I don’t know why Trump is running.  The incentive to serve is a non existent phenomenon present only in the imagination.

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