Fascism Kills Puerto Rico

puertoricogovernorcandidates2014Fascism is not a formal economic system. Fascism morphs out of democracy when citizens refuse to take control of government. Government provides everyone with a way to get what they want. Only the rich have the intelligence and the political power to make use of the general population as a means of obtaining their goals and aspirations. Only a few of the rich have the means to get laws passed that enrich themselves. One way to use government is to have laws passed forcing the general population to buy ones product or service. As citizens, we are not allowed to steal from on another in the private sector. Government can be used as a legal means of stealing and it is. Theft by using government is so efficient that criminals who would otherwise steal outright use for stealing because there are no penalties involved. Political power can also be used to prevent laws from being enforced.

Fascism destroys whole countries. Corrupt politicians and criminals do not desire to destroy the country. That is just a byproduct of dismantling the free market system and replacing it with a system of rigged markets. The first damage occurs in third world countries where people live hand to mouth. When ethanol was first required in gasoline the increase in the price of corn was devestating to the Mexicans and others.

Under fascism entire populations serve the rich. Poor countries serve wealthy countries. Guess what poor counties are starting to fail. Greece has failed and now Puerto Rico, a territory of the United States is defaulting. Did I forget to mention Cyprus? All governments and all central banks are now serving only a minuscule percentage of the world’s population.

Puerto Rico is a victim of Fascism as is Greece. Unfortunately in a Fascist world, the poorest of nations falter because their poor citizens can’t generate enough income to pay the taxes government needs to operate. The end result of the world’s Fascist activity could be the upper class of all societies trading with one another while others starve. Chances are better revolts and rebellions will occur. A complete economic collapse will take place and systems will finally reset. In any case Americans and others will have to adjust their living standards in order to survive.
Sweet Suzie’s Kool Aid, a timely tune by Curbside Jimmy


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