The Uber Controversy

uber-vs-taxi-title-card.pngRide sharing has always been encouraged. Cities have special lanes on freeways for ride sharing vehicles. Suppose herdster A pays herdster B $20.00 per week for gas and they ride to work in herdster A’s car with herdster A driving. No one would suggest that herdster A buy commercial insurance.
As soon as a formal system of ride sharing, Uber, is initiated resistance from government comes with a furry. Government enthusiasm for ride sharing  comes to a screeching halt when the rigged transportation markets are threatened.
The goal of reducing traffic with ride sharing and the goal of rigging the market for politically powerful operators come into conflict. It can’t be both way.

This is similar to the nonsensical effort by government to enhance the real estate holdings of the privileged and provide affordable housing for the poor at the same time.
The only trouble free system is the free market. In that case Uber is o.k.

When Times Got Really Weird
A truly prophetic song by Curbside Jimmy


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