Slaves in Search of a Kind Master

greece-flag-oia-background-15998465I recommend re-reading the articles I have already written about Greece and its troubles. All economic problems have the same solution. Government must provide a free market system and remove government as a tool for rigging markets. Since the only solution is a very unpopular approach, the Greeks will likely wallow in their misery indefinitely. (June 2015) (from 2012)

After 50,000 years or so living as serfs and slaves, the human mind has not caught up with social progress. Ideally, the Greek people would take control of government and run the place in a manner of their choosing. That won’t happen. For the people in Greece, their freedom is a burden they give up to anyone who offers them comfort.

Human nature trusts government, kings and dictators but not free markets. What the Greeks are looking for is a kind master.
When Times Got Really Weird
A truly prophetic song by Curbside Jimmy



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