Global Warning Danger!

globalwarmingThe greatest possible harm from global warning will come from turning the issue over to government to solve. It would be safer for everyone, to go ahead and let the planet be destroyed. Proponents of global warning prevention initiatives misunderstand how government works. It is assumed, that once government starts tackling the problem, everything will be fine from then on. However, once government takes control of the issue, society is in more danger than if nothing was done. That is because self interest doesn’t disappear when people join the government workforce.  Global warming will become another problem to exploit for profit. Government workers will be better of as the problem grows. Politically powerful  business people will lobby relentlessly for laws that benefit them. More people will die much quicker with government action on global warming.

Remember, that people don’t look to government for help out of intellect. Instinct causes people to assume government has all kinds of abilities it doesn’t have. To an American citizen looking to government for help is like a child petitioning a parent. Unfortunately government doesn’t function like a parent. This is all instinctive behavior which completely bypasses reasoning.



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