Hamas Israel and Stunt

I am certain all are aware of the surprise attack on Israel that is in the news this morning.  Long time readers may remember my article making the case that we are in a situation where modern means have replaced using the military to accomplish such goals.   How to Take Over the World in the Modern Era  I make the case that we are in such a process currently.

When things like this happen, folks take these events at face value, believe the news coverage and never ask any questions. Ask a few questions and a number of possible pictures can emerge.
Do we all agree that before anyone does anything that there is a motive behind the activity?

Here are some of my initial questions.
What incentive does Hamas have to launch an attack on Israel at this very moment in time? Certainly, it is easy to think of many reasons for an attack, but why at a critical time for the stock market – when every economy on the globe is on the verge of collapse?

How well planned out was the attack? It was extremely well planned. It is not easy to surprise Israel.Hamas has never been able to plan anything.

Where did Hamas get its weapons? Could their weapons possession be sourced from the same elite which controls the stock market?

My forecast has been , that just before the end of the period of traditional fall stock market weakness, a stunt would be pulled to save the elite from a stock market crash. I also mentioned a scenario where the market could be allowed to crash – since stocks are largely in the hands of bag holders, retail traders and parked in IRAs. The elite win either way.

In the event of a total stock market crash , they buy stocks at bargain basement prices  and end up owning even more of the world’s financial resources…. Covid – crash for example. Efforts to start a war have been ongoing for a good while. Perhaps an attack on the United States, of the same nature, is in the offing. Plenty of non-Hispanics have been coming across the border. There is already talk on the news about U.S. involvement.

Or, of course, it can be exactly as the story is told on the news. What do you think?


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Tom McGuiness
Tom McGuiness
6 months ago

I think this is the beginning of what the survivors will call World War III. War has historically been the way unpayable debts have been discharged ( along with debt jubilèes, but I don’t hear anyone proposing that). And the USA’s debts are nothing if not unpayable, at this point.

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Curbside Jimmy
5 months ago
Reply to  Tom McGuiness

Notice that no one is coming close to suggesting laying off public employees, closing government agencies, or cutting back government in any way.
Where is tax money going to come from? Most any answer you can think of is correct.