Here Comes Deflation

This time last year, I published the following article. This is while academics, politicians and countless others were shaking in fear…. that inflation was coming – and, here comes the Weimar Republic of the 1920s/1930s all over again.  Yes, inflation has occurred. Now it is turning back. You will be surprised at how much price levels across the globe decline.

The Case For Deflation

This morning, Zero Hedge published the following. Now, the purveyors of conventional wisdom in academia…. all over the globe….. can give themselves permission to deviate from the safe position of their peers.

US Import & Export Prices Signal Massive Deflationary Impulse

My analysis came a year early. I was ahead of the crowd. Why? It is not because I am brilliant. I have more in common with Forest Gump than I do with Jerome Powell. The reason I am early in these things is because I do my work in the light of reality.  Is it better to live in the light of reality – or is it better to to face reality when society’s reality gap slams shut – as it is doing now? What happens when the reality gap slams shut? That is a good question for all to ask upper management at Anheuser-Busch. On  Anheuser-Busch, the reality gap has slammed shut.  Beware! The reality gap is about to slam shut on you.

You will also notice that folks around the world are snapping to the fact that there is and has been an ongoing effort to take over the world so as to use all of the masses as resources.

List Of Empires

I published the following in October 2020.

How To Take Over The World In The Modern Era

Live in the light of reality. Think things over, given whatever knowledge you have. It will surprise you how often you turn out to be right.

Note: Fantasy Free Economics is banned in the United States.  I am now hosting with Smartway, which is offshore.  From the positive results I have gotten, I would host with them regardless.  I encourage all to ask themselves. Have you ever read anything here on Fantasy Free Economics that could be deemed unfit for the common person to read?  Is their any content that is a threat to national security? 

The only way, to rebuild the readership to Fantasy Free Economics is for those who read it to share the link to the blog and certain articles. Email is best. It cannot be censored.  There are still sites which accept the link.  Try it and see.

James Quillian is not Tucker Carlson, I wish him well as I hope all do.When a famous person get censored, he has the resources to make hay over the situation.  I have no such resources. I must be frugal, just to meet my expenses. If you like thes ideas, I hope you will participate by at least sharing the link.

The Fantasy Free Advantage is  PDF book which explains the reasoning behind the fantasy free approach.











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Tom McGuiness
Tom McGuiness
1 year ago

It would make sense. It seems the compounding of interest does cause a deflationary wipe out every 80 years approx. Unprecedented things like ultralow or even negative interest rates may have bought in extra decade, but the bigger they come the harder they fall. Hope all is well with you, James!