As Americans Sleep

All across the fruited plain, as Rush Limbaugh called the United States, Americans have mostly gotten a good night’s sleep. As they have their morning coffee, and go about their Sunday morning rituals, few are  even concerned or aware of the sinister forces in the world working tirelessly to take  their good lives away from them.  Neither are they concerned that first amendment rights are being stolen from so many others.

Does the United States have any problems? Of course it does. That is part of life, right?  How many times have difficulties arisen, run their course, and then faded into the past? Given the time and effort it takes to get involved, speak up and make a difference, how could it possibly be worth the effort? After all, where is the personal gain?

When was the last time in history…. this approach to life employed? That was in Germany – during the 1930s. Folks sat on their front porch watching their Jewish neighbors being uprooted and sent to ambiguous remote locations. It was like – “There go the Goldsteins. They seemed like nice folks. What a crying shame. But, that is the German government’s decision, so be it.” No individual German would have gained any immediate benefit by way of opposing the existing order. Their long term cost of complete compliance was devastating. Germans were not functioning in the light of reality. They paid a high price. So did the rest of the world.

Is it worth it to get involved? For myself I always have been…. even when it wasn’t necessary. Perhaps I am guilty of overkill in my lifetime. Now, my participation is absolutely critical. So is yours.

Back in 2020, massive censorship efforts suddenly sky rocketed, on the premise that it was all for the public good. My response was to place signs like those below in my yard. My hope was that others in the neighborhood would do likewise. What happened ? A few people paid me compliments. Their reason for not putting a sign in their yard was that they didn’t want to draw attention to themselves.  There are risks in standing out, when it comes to big issues.

Here is how it works with little issues. When I was a child in elementary school, one boy brought a yo-yo to school.  He let others try it. The next day several other kids had yo-yos. In a little time, almost every student in the school had a yo-yo to play with at recess. The difference here is that this mini mass movement carried no risk. Yo-yos were fine with all and no risk of being called names was involved.These are the kinds of signs I place in my yard.





In the minds of Americans, the thought of exposing oneself to scrutiny is almost unthinkable. What is even more unthinkable is a mass surrendering of First Amendment rights.  As expensive as they were to acquire, they are now deemed to be certain and effortlessly permanent.

As a matter of fact, all in terms of our way of life, that good life, is completely dependent on everyone defending them. Let your enemies as well as those you agree with be censored, and you are bound to become slaves along with others whose voices you may now despise.

Note: Fantasy Free Economics is banned in the United States.  I am now hosting with Smartway, which is offshore.  From the positive results I have gotten, I would host with them regardless.  I encourage all to ask themselves. Have you ever read anything here on Fantasy Free Economics that could be deemed unfit for the common person to read?  Is their any content that is a threat to national security? 

The only way, to rebuild the readership to Fantasy Free Economics is for those who read it to share the link to the blog and certain articles. Email is best. It cannot be censored.  There are still sites which accept the link.  Try it and see.

James Quillian is not Tucker Carlson, I wish him well as I hope all do.When a famous person get censored, he has the resources to make hay over the situation.  I have no such resources. I must be frugal, just to meet my expenses. If you like thes ideas, I hope you will participate by at least sharing the link.

The Fantasy Free Advantage is  PDF book explains the reasoning behind the fantasy free approach.

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