Hillary’s Supporters are our Enemies

maxresdefaultNatural law is available to anyone who is interested. Natural law is not written down formally. It works and no one knows why. The New and Old Testaments are full of models of natural law. The stories describe behavior that repeats endlessly. Many ancient biases are explained throughout ancient writings.

What natural law is applicable with respect to Hillary Clinton and her email situation? In Kings I and II there are countless parallels. The stories of King David’s crimes are clearly written so that readers will ask. “What is wrong with this picture?” But, the question is seldom asked.

Throughout history, leaders have lived their lives above the law and they still do. Strangely, the public accepts the bad behavior. King David committed murder and suffered no legal consequences. Hillary Clinton will likely escape any consequences for breaking national security laws. Common people think of their leaders as their betters today, just as they did in biblical times.

Hillary Clinton has a multitude of worshipers. They will protect her and keep her from being brought to justice. Why? They have the same world view as the one she conveys.  Anything that causes Hillary to be less esteemed causes her worshipers to suffer an esteem loss also.

Don’t misunderstand, leaders do suffer consequences of immoral acts. The suffering in just not immediately traceable to the act in question.

Scriptures are actually safe for atheists and agnostics to read provided the stories are only studied as sources of natural law. Jews can even read the New Testament without getting cooties.  If you ever want to know how something is going to turn out, find a parallel in the scriptures. It works.

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