History’s Most Destructive Laws

When congress passes laws, freedom is lost. Is this a problem? Perhaps not so much when citizens have representation in congress. Do they really? Freedom is always lost when a law takes decisions out of the hands of the public, and commissions government to make decisions for them. When a law increases government spending, income is lost also.

The link below lists all federal laws passed from 2021 though 2022.

US Legislation | 2021-2022 | 117th Congress   Legalscan

Each law was passed without any input from U.S. citizens. Given that citizens are represented in congress, how big of a problem is that? What if representation is assumed – but actually not present, I ask? If these laws were passed without citizens giving input, and really without people knowing they were under consideration…. then, how is it that citizens actually have representation?

Lawmakers do represent someone or something. There are only three possibilities. They can represent citizens, themselves ….or parties which offer them more than what their constituents are worth.

Here are what I believe to be the most destructive laws and amendments congress has ever passed.

16th Amendment 1909: It is not necessarily bad for government to collect taxes by way of an income tax. The income tax does more than that and the additional things it does are highly destructive. Firstly, any connection between taxes and spending is lost. Government can increase spending and leave taxes alone. Citizens have no idea what government costs them.

Taxes can now be used to mold and shape the behavior of citizens. They can be used to give an advantage to some and take away advantages of others.

16th Amendment 1912: Previously, U.S. Senators were appointed by state legislatures.While it is fashionable to see this amendment as an advancement in democratic principles, that is not the effect that it has. There have always been lobbyists and special interests. Before the amendment, non – constituents seeking to influence senators had to convince over half of the members of state houses that their agenda was more important than anything real constituents might want. Now that 100 senators only are directly elected, that number is all that is needed to be convinced to represent lobbying efforts instead of constituents.

Full Employment Act Of 1978: This law mandates that both houses and the Federal Reserve engage in central economic planning.

Troubled Asset Relief Program 2008: This law normalized the bailout culture and set a precedent that is now being followed.

Affordable Care Act 2010. Obamacare creates a hierarchy of skimming operations that provides huge profit guarantees  to virtually all engaged in the healthcare industry. Lifespans of Americans started declining slowly at first but are decreasing rapidly. It eliminates any contractual arrangement between doctors and patients. The healthcare industry is now in the life management business. That is at a huge price.

Once laws or amendments are passed, they are almost never repealed.

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Tom McGuiness
Tom McGuiness
1 year ago

It’s good to see this site back. I had trouble accessing it for a few days and I thought “they” took it down again. Maybe it was a problem on my end…