The Emergence Of Elon Musk

An advantage of gaining the fantasy free advantage is that you see elephants in the room that others never notice. The conventional collective wisdom is that his buying Twitter and setting it free, is ideologically driven. Musk now goes on conservatives’ good guy list because he has become a dedicated servant of humanity.That excites conservatives, especially Republicans. “Wow, now we have a good guy on our side”…. they reason. Republicans will deem anyone who runs against a confirmed leftest to be a conservative and pay no mind to whether they really are or not. For example, Trump is about as far from being a conservative as you can get. He says “Make America great again” and that is good enough.

What is Musk really up to? The movement to suppress  free speech has been going on for years. I got off of Facebook in 2020 because of its longstanding censorship initiative. Where was Musk then? Where has he been with respect to these kind of issues for his whole life?

So, Musk has decided to serve humanity? Those who employ the fantasy free advantage know that when it comes to large aggregations of people, nature doesn’t provide an incentive to serve. Musk has to be doing these things out of self interest. We also know that power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. That means Musk, society’s new bastion of free speech, has enormous power – based on being the richest man in the world. Those with that much power are possessed with the compulsion to gain even more.

Why at this very time would musk buy Twitter and immediately reinstate Trump? Perhaps there is a deal in place for him to be Trump’s running mate in 2024? Trump is down in the polls. Musk is an intriguing guy. His helping Trump will give all Trump skeptics and doubters permission to jump on his side.  Trump can only serve one more term. He is also old and he could pass away before any new term is up. That would usher Musk in.

A reader advised me that Musk was born outside the United States.  I apologize for not knowing that when I first wrote the article. That means Musk would play another important role in a Trump administration. He may be promised a role like that of Henry Kissinger’s role in the Nixon Administration. He will get something big out of any Trump Administration.

With a Trump as president and Musk in the administration, voters will have submitted to two power hungry billionaires who will be seeking to acquire more power on top of what they already have. I say submit because citizens refuse to maintain tension between them and those they elect to office. Voters will look to those two for guidance and guardianship. That is the way things work out when citizens don’t create tension between them and their democratically elected leaders. In modern times, following a top down government initiative is seen as an act of patriotism.

The economy is bound to be totally miserable by the time November 2024 rolls around. With Trump running for president and with Musk’s yet to be defined role, they will present themselves as the people’s saviors. If it happens, it will be a winning ticket. Trump with Musk, will win. All others will be losers, but they always are.

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