The Fantasy Free Movement

The Fantasy Free movement plods along. Fantasy free theory is so alarming. I’ll tell you, it is hard to get a following when you are telling folks exactly what they don’t want to hear. Folks are running from reality. I am suggesting turning and facing it head on. When that happens, an amazing thing occurs. Given a little time, the monster of reality begins to melt before your eyes. Eventually fear disappears.

When fear disappears, you are seeing the world and all who are in it, in the light of reality. You are observing…. without the handicap of looking through the prism of fantasy. Answers emerge automatically – because all that prevents you from seeing the truth has been erased.

Fantasy free theory is virtually banned in the United States. There is a reason for that. The greatest fear the elite and those in charge have, is that people will discover they don’t need them. The genuine censorship myself and other outliers experience is simply not fathomable by those not directly affected. So, no hard feelings towards those who deem me to be a kook.

After doing this for ten years, there are only five confirmed adherents to the fantasy free advantage. Those are myself, Sidewalk Sam,and my three sons.  There are a number of friends to the movement. They are greatly appreciated.

I figure that only around three percent of the population is even capable of entertaining the concept.  Never will public policy be guided by fantasy free theory. It can be quite helpful to to individuals who need to make decisions. In times of crisis, it can play a critical role in decision making – when it matters the most.

For example, when  fantasy free, it is perfectly obvious that the economy is going to drop off a cliff into an abyss and remain in that state for most of our lifetimes. Anyone who is making plans for the future might benefit from learning and using the fantasy free advantage. When all else fails, it will get you through life.

The feeling I have now is like I am drinking kool-aid and eating popcorn while a tornado is coming.

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