The Whole World Is Drunk

A casual look at at the title, might give the impression that I am throwing up my hands in the air and implying that  all is beyond comprehension. That is not true at all.

I have a theory with respect to alcoholism. There may be other explanations as to the cause of substance abuse. Many deem it to be genetic. It does occur out of proportion in certain families. It doesn’t have to be physical to be passed on by way of DNA. DNA is responsible for mental as well as physical characteristics.

My theory is that an alcoholic is fantasy impaired. An alcoholic can and does fantasize, but doesn’t seem to do so, as effectively as a person without the tendency. From a time, reality starts imposing itself on an alcoholic and he can’t fantasize his way out of his torment. He starts drinking as a means of escaping reality, while an non-afflicted  person can fantasize his way out of just about anything. Note that twelve step programs are rooted in facing reality.

Ordinary people get drunk on fantasy. Ordinary folk fantasize as a means of avoiding stress and unpleasant decision making. Elected leaders are seen as working for the country when they are carrying out personal agendas.  The population cannot entertain the fact that each voter is serving government, and more so those who control government. That is much easier than placing the blame on themselves and owning up to the fact that their job is to maintain tension between them and their representatives. Instead, blindly supporting national agendas is accepted as an act of patriotism. Of course it is not. Democracy stops functioning when all citizens are on the same page and pulling the wagon leaders tell them to pull. Lack of division destroys the democratic process. There are countless ongoing agendas where certain citizens expect that government can be instrumental in redlining  how others see them. Laws are suggested that would make it against the law for people to insult one another.

On the other hand there are the the elite and their agendas of managing the thoughts and behaviors of those in society so that they remain good solid consumers, whose behavior supports their lavenders. At the same time, they are all competing for power with one another, even though they currently have symbiotic relationships with each other. As power becomes more and more concentrated, the battle becomes more vicious. They are starting to attack each other.

Then there is corporate suicide. Corporations all over the country are buying into the notion that they have something to gain by supporting bizarre social agendas and supporting the agendas of big tech and big pharma. It takes a mighty coercive force to make corporate underlings as compliant as they are.

Goodwill is only remotely a part of human nature. Goodwill is an outgrowth of free markets. Remove free markets and good will is gone for the most part. As an economy moves closer to an authoritative system, business is based on who can beat who out of what.

It is not hard to notice that tech companies are doing anything and everything to get mouse clicks. Never before have Americans seen greater efforts to provide them with safety online. This is at a time when mal-ware and viruses are almost extinct. I am just one person, but I cannot change desktops in my own home with out getting an alert that there has been a sign in on a different computer. There just isn’t enough danger to justify efforts to make people feel safe, independently of whether or not they really are.

Assuaging fear is a huge source of profits. There has to be some profit based incentives for these new safety initiatives. Chances are, that is the only way they can think of to spend their time. The public is experiencing severe online fatigue. The new password initiatives  and identity verification are driving away users. The problem is that their business models are failing because taste and preferences are changing.

People are certainly concluding that all of this is too time consuming and getting into a site is just not worth it. Big tech was the ticket to guide all towards utopia for the longest time. It isn’t any more.

Expectations are that folks will always be as malleable as they always have been. People are starting to suffer. Suffering causes the thinking brains to kick in. They are not likely to continue to identify with all who are abusing them, at least not to the normal degree.

For along time tech was the shining star in the sky that so many were following toward a perceived utopia. That is no longer the case….. but, who wants to re-tool?

Google and Facebook are now being used to sign into other sites. That is good for them because it registers as a user every time it is done. The organizations the clicks lead to can’t get visitors any other way.

Expectations are the the Fed, the government, something or somebody has the knowledge to turn this around. That won’t and can’t happen.

The reality is that the country is imploding both economically and politically. Who wants to think about something like that? The natural response is to indulge in fantasy. I talk with others overseas and things are this way everywhere.

The whole world is drunk. Just like an alcoholic does…. people everywhere keep their fantasies alive because they can’t fathom what is happening to them.














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