Pendulum Is About To Swing

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One aspect of using the Fantasy Free Advantage is to think in moving pictures, not still pictures.  It is easy enough to look at society and today’s unusual ongoings and think the mentality of the public will never change. What will happen is this. The the pendulum with respect to trust of government has swung far to the right, with that being total trust, and it is starting to swing back to the left, where trust of government will be negative for awhile. The fact is that, not just the poor and disenfranchised but others are beginning to suffer.

In little time now, the multitudes whom trust the media, will not believe a thing they hear or see. Most who read this were not alive during the late 1960s and 1970s when the masses were losing loved ones in the Vietnam War, and many young were finding ways not to fight. It was a time of dissent and turmoil. Without the anti-war, anti-government sentiment being so high, the war wouldn’t have ended as soon as it did.

A cloud of cynicism hung over the country until the early 1980s. There were songs like Johnny Paycheck’s “Take This Job And Shove It.” Following the second Arab – Israeli war, the country went through a huge energy crisis because of conflict with Iran. People remained anti-government for about ten years after the Vietnam War had ended.

The situation we face today – with respect to the economy, is in fact worse than any circumstance the country has ever faced.

The emergence of and transmission of doubt in authority is just beginning, although. It is becoming clear for those willing to look, that the whole Corona response was as dishonest as it is possible for a government program to be. People are not responding to social media the way they were expected to. YouTube is losing traffic. Facebook is dying like a gut – shot Confederate soldier. Heroic measures are being attempted for the purpose of generating mouse clicks. Users are hitting the bricks. It turns out that censorship has not molded Americans into behaviors conducive to corporate interests. Instead, they are discovering ways to accomplish the same thing without using the implements of censorship that are loaded into any and all browsers, software  and media services.

It turns out that beating up on internet users is running off many who are finding new venues to bypass corrupt browsers. Efforts to scare the public into buying into phony efforts to keep them safe are taking up too much of folk’s time and are becoming irritating. There are no efforts to keep the public safe from government surveillance which is indeed a serious threat. The symbiotic relationships between government and large corporations is becoming too obvious for this all not to be challenged.

One phenomenon that is taking hold is the use of cloud browsers. With a cloud browser, no corrupt browser can keep a user from visiting any web site.

The pendulum of trust in government has started to swing back in the other direction.   The economy is indeed going to collapse. Americans are going to suffer. That is not good, but suffering will cause actual cerebral thinking to begin. A new attitude of distrust will pervade the country probably for most of our lifetimes. Politicians get elected by telling voters what they want to hear. Much political dialog will accommodate the no – trust mentality of the public.

I cannot say that the country will return to its roots. That is almost impossible. Once a population commissions government to serve as their guardian, there is no chance voters will opt for the country to return to its roots. For certain though, the crowd in charge now will disappear.

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Tom McGuiness
Tom McGuiness
1 year ago

I’ll be cautiously optimistic and say this is both long overdue and in a lot of ways, the best thing that’s happened in years. Martin Armstrong seems to think the USA is going to break apart into several new nations in a decade or so. Perhaps that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world – the child corrupting “woke” Left is flat out evil at this point. There seems to be no middle ground. I don’t expect it’ll be smooth sailing, but hard times make strong men.