Yikes Moment Another Look

In spring of 2020 I published the following article.
Anticipating The Yikes Moment

I recommend reading it right now. I don’t know what stunts are available to stop the market from tanking right now. In the absence of a new heroic approach to move stocks higher, a crash in the near future is highly likely.

Right now, the ALGOs are failing to control the market intra-day, which is their function. Intra-day chart patterns. Anytime volume makes a clear parabola, that is a good sign that the market is being professionally and expertly manicured. This pattern is now absent everyday. . The market can only be ratcheted higher if overall volume is kept light. For the most part it still is, but stocks remain under pressure.

All that has to happen to crash the market is an increase in selling of long term holdings. Hedging is expensive. Eventually, hedgers will become Sellers. Every crash I have observed has come when stocks have already been weak for some time.

The masters of the universe are beginning not to trust one another. The elite are entering an every man for himself situation.

The time is right.

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Tom McGuiness
Tom McGuiness
1 year ago

I hate to be a partisan. becuz I hate both parties BUT I can’t help but love Mr. TRUMP for the simple reason that if they hate this man that much he must be doing something at least PARTIALLY right! He is FAR from perfect James but he at least pushes back a little bit! A m I wrong? Am I engaging in what they used to call a “hope jag” in the olden days?? Pardon me if I am but we live in desolate times, and I hhave to find hope where I can, i guess.