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What kind of kid are you? Show some school spirit. Take some pride in your school. Every child needs a high school education. Identify with your school, Make it forever part of you. We will all work in groups. Cooperate with one another to get the best outcome. Be loyal to your school. Support your home team and go team go.

This is the mentality that pervades public education. Is there any similarity to the public school mentality, in how folks relate to government? Notice any propensities in real life, where it is assumed that the best approach is cooperation? Lets all get on the same page here, put on masks and take vaccines.  Notice anything else?

Is this a good deal? I am hard pressed to think of a reason why school spirit is automatically a good thing. Is school spirit a natural thing? I wonder what would happen if there were no attempts to instill school spirit into students? Where does the motivation to create school spirit come from? Would it generate automatically in students if they were not molded so as to appreciate school spirit?

What if instead, students and parents had a business type relationships with a school instead? How do group initiatives work out in real life, like with governmental efforts to make life better?

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