The Greatest Fear These Days

The greatest fear present in the world today is on the parts of the elite who control government and all who are elected to office. Their fear is that the masses will discover they don’t need them.  Hence,  massive coordinated censorship.

There are 443 federal government agencies. Can anyone name them? Can anyone name twenty five of them? There are certainly benefits in having these federal agencies. Does anyone know what those benefits are? Are there net benefits to society from the existence of each individual agency? If there is no net benefit, why not eliminate the agencies? To do that is almost impossible.

Although he didn’t identify it as such, in his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin described a point of natural law. He noticed that when one person  helps another or takes a burden off his back, the one doing the helping ends up with a compulsion to keep helping indefinitely.   It is strange how this works out. What Franklin discovered is true. What he noticed applies to large groups as well as it does to two people.

Lets suppose that an agency is targeted for disclosure. It would be easy to identify those in the population who benefit from its operation. They would get sympathy. All others who bear minuscule costs each would be filled for sympathy for those whom would be disadvantaged by the agencies closure. Even those who work for the agency and would lose their jobs would be sympathized with. The oldest technique for expanding government is to showcase benefits and hide the costs.

Of course, the public is kept in the dark. The number of bills passed by congress is enormous.  The list is long. Public Laws 

Almost all have complete bipartisan support. The public is kept focused on immigrants, trans rights, Ukraine, Hunter Biden’s laptop and so on. Each law represents an increase in spending. Most are lobbyist-inspired. Lobbyists are the best salesmen in the world. The function they serve is to increase government spending in ways that benefit their clients. The lobbying effort to prevent a government agency would be unfathomable. Does the public have any idea what their lawmakers are voting on? Take a look at the list and decide.

U.S. citizens have representation. That should settle the issue right? Well, I don’t see any evidence of representation. What do we do if people have official representation but in reality they have none or close to none?




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