How Democracy Facilitates Crime

By democracy, I am referring to all forms of government, republics and others which are based on democratic principles. Democracy is a wonderful thing. Like most wonderful things, it does more good than harm but it does bring with it a few negative issues

Democracy makes leadership open to everyone. Criminals can run for office. Un-indicted criminals can run for office without any restrictions at all. From birth forward citizens are inundated with messages that government is benevolent and that truly good people go into public service. Notions like this perhaps make everyday life less stressful but there is no truth to them whatsoever.

The system of dominance and subservience that regulates life on earth is scary and unnerving. It gets replaced with more pleasant interpretations of existence. That doesn’t mean the laws of dominance and subservience have been suspended in favor of something more gentle. It just means the preponderance of humanity is not aware of the danger they are in.

Government is not benevolent at all. Government is a giant organization where people go to get what they want. The process is completely ruthless. Those who get the most out of government are the folks who place the fewest restrictions on themselves as they go about accomplishing their goals. Criminals prey on others but must be careful not to get charged and punished. Criminals who use government as a means of accomplishing goals do not have to worry about getting charged and punished hardly at all. Laws can be passed forcing citizens to buy specific goods and services. If criminals are restricted by a law, they can gain political power and change the law. Laws can be passed for the purpose of redistributing income.

When several hundred years pass with ordinary people remaining unaware as to how government functions, an entire country can become much like an organized crime family in terms of how it operates. Criminals who control government have a huge advantage over criminals who operate only in the private sector. With respect to people who are above a certain high income level, it is rare that their crimes are even noticed much less prosecuted.

Some Americans wring their hands and wonder why life in the country has deteriorated. I just explained why things may not be going that well.

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