How Ridiculous

Hardly anything sounds as ridiculous as a Republican unwittingly defending corporate welfare. They are out in droves. Yesterday Jean and I tuned in to Rush Limbaugh as we drove to Tampa. This guy is haranguing endlessly about how stupid the Occupy Wall Street crowd is. All through the 80’s 90’s and 00’s, the republicans have been out front dismantling our free market system and replacing it with a hybrid system of welfare for the rich. It takes a lot of nerve for Rush to make fun of a bunch of college kids while he is unaware of his own ignorance.
I will remind you that presidents don’t spend money in keeping with their party’s ideology. Any president will spend as much money as he can. George Bush spent as much money as he possibly could. If he could have spent on more dime he would have. He did sponsor the TARP bill off 2008 as he left office. This one bill so weakened the country’s tradition of free enterprise, that he had literally made Obama’s lunch. All Obama had to do is eat it.
The Republican base is a bunch of suckers.

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