How to Fix Health Care

<a href=””><img class=”alignleft wp-image-2489″ src=”” alt=”real-steroid-injection” width=”393″ height=”221″ /></a>The biggest problem in fixing healthcare is that ObamaCare is not a health care bill, although it is universally treated as one. In a million years all ObamaCare will ever do is guarantee insurance companies an ever increasing piece of every healthcare dollar spent. It provides incentives for physicians to bill patients more often for less care. The bill increases anonymity among doctors and patients.

Donald Trump recommends a national single payer system. That is a bad idea but it is better than the system in place today. The United State’s system is nothing close to a free market system.

The most trouble free system would be free market medicine. Free market medicine is not an option at this time because people don’t trust the free market concept. In a free market system, licensing is not required and everyone pays their own way. It would be o.k. to license physicians but it would not work as well. In a free marked medical system, doctors would end up being paid in line with their competence level and not according to credentials alone. There would be problems in the beginning until all the quacks got ran out of business. In the end even the poor would get better care than they are currently receiving. That is free market medicine and it is admittedly not doable politically.

Socialism is always bad but not near as bad as a privatized system that gets funded through government. In all cases, it is the bureaucracy in a plan that drives up the costs. A system is needed where bureaucracy is all but eliminated.

Given the limitations on what voters will opt for, the best system is paying for healthcare with revolving charge accounts, good only for paying healthcare costs. Indigent people would have a card but would actually pay nothing. Poor but working might pay a small part of the bill. The discounts would disappear above a certain high income. Most importantly, doctors would have no way of knowing which patients paid what part of their bill.

This is not a prefect system, but citizens reject the best system available. The system I just described would work many times better than what is currently in place.

ObamaCare will be very hard to get rid of. It feeds many of history’s largest campaign contributors. If ordinary people ever hope to get any good out of government, that will have to study issues in more depth and quit judging legislation by the name of the bill. With respect to ObamaCare it might take a complete healthcare rebellion. Can anyone remember the last time congress repealed a law?

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