How to Save Facebook ….Amazon…etc…..

Can Facebook be saved? Yes it can be but that is not as important a goal as saving the people who own Facebook stock. Who owns Facebook? Who is on board for a free ride? Chances are it is someone you know and perhaps you your ownself. (bad grammer added for clarification, still no profanity) Countless Americans have Facebook stock in their IRAs. Who owns Amazon? The same people who own Facebook. So, will all of these well meaning Americans be saved? Some of them will be saved but their salvation will be incidental. It is o.k. that you don’t lose money and even make some. But, you have no political power.

Who absolutely must be saved. So, Mark Zuckerberg testifies before congress. Will the truth come out? Word is that almost everyone in congress owns a boat load of tech stocks and Facebook is their major holding. Certainly Facebook and all of the others have contributed to each lawmaker’s campaigns. The Swiss National bank owns many tons of Facebook and other tech stocks. Does our Federal Reserve system own Facebook? There is no way to tell. Facebook is owned by countless other central banks. Facebook is truly an anointed corporation.

So, with facebook on the verge of suffering the same fate as its predecessor Myspace, something absolutely must be done.

So, how will the United States government save Facebook? It will be no problem at all. You will pay for it and will get nothing in return for what it costs you. There are countless ways to Americanize a corporation. Nationalization and regulation is one way. Pay all the important people in terms of the stock’s value at the time and the make it like a public utility. It may even be suggested that all Americans must join.

Don’t forget that this is an emergency. What do Americans do in an emergency? They huddle together like scared baby chickens and do exactly what they are told to do. There will be rewards. You will be called a patriot and get assurance that the country couldn’t function without your participation. That should make you feel better. Chances are you will not even be aware anything has happened. You will notice later that your standard of living continues to fall. But, you will never make the connection that you have been fleeced. That is the nature of being a herd animal with high esteem.

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