Strikes in Syria an Explanation

It is easy to forget and most never realize that what happens at the top is for the benefit of those at top, some moving into the top and all of those who contribute money to make the top possible. The top can be a great place to be if power and money are at the heart of ones purpose for living.

So there is a strike in Syria and everyone at the top is satisfied with the outcome. The Syrians are satisfied because they claim to have shot down most of the missiles. The Russians moved their boats and get to call Trump Hitler. So what does Trump get? Will the deep state show him some love? No chance of that but Trump gets to show he is nobody to mess with. This is all after Trump has indicated that we are getting out of Syria and no more fighting other country’s wars. Probably there is a plan for the stock market to rally big time on Monday as the final result.

An attack like this one must benefit first and foremost to the group which pays unfathomable dollars to make the top possible. As long as these folks are working together, there is not much chance the leaders they finance will go along with a shooting war that might cut into their astronomical profits.

The attacks on Syria serve as a face saving mechanism for Trump, Putin and Assad. The deal was brokered over the weeks leading up to the attack. What about the people who actually did get killed? There are always a few. Does anyone care? Why would anyone care? The dead people were just ordinary folks, except they live a long ways away.

Complex explanations are never necessary. Complex explanations of these things evolve because the genuine explanation is not appealing.

In the minds of American voters, there is something special about the people that do these things. Their reasons are assumed to be sophisticated. Don’t be fooled. All that is necessary is to know the motivations of world leaders which are always self interest. World leaders have a very unlikely set of personality characteristics that make them successful at manipulating people and getting what they want. When these things happen, all who are involved are acting out of self interest.

Look for the United States to abandon efforts in Syria. Look for the Russian/Syrian pipeline to be the one that is built. There may be a deal in the works so that both pipelines will function. From here it looks like the outcome of the Syrian situation is now settled.


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