How to Save the United States

December 9, 2017

To save the United States citizens will have to give up personal happiness for a period of time. There are those who choose to believe and there are others whose beliefs are determined according to what they actually see and experience. Choosing to believe is the mode that is almost universally employed. Fantasy is the universal source of happiness. Happiness comes from choosing to believe what is pleasant and indulging in pleasure. Happiness is generated by seriously believing many things that are untrue. Why? Dealing with it that way makes life tolerable.

Fantasy is a huge driver of economics profits. People who fantasizing spend far more than they would by staring reality coldly in the face. Avoiding dealing with critical issues is a great way to minimize stress. Heck, without fantasy, how many would actually want to stick around.  Reality is something that can never be totally avoided.

Once or twice in a century, every political system and every economic system resets to reality or at least something closer to it. Much of fantasy serves to replace the natural uncertainty of the universe with more comforting thoughts. Government is used as a futile tool as a substitute for genuine certainty. But, uncertainty is all there is. Depending on when a person is born, it is possible to live a fantasy filled life without even living through a natural resetting.  A person born at the depth of the Great Depression could conceivably live an entire lifetime without having to give up a single fantasy.

Most people end up living though a life changing period when fantasy based systems come crashing down. Very few Americans expected the great depression. Those who did expect it prepared and suffered a lot less than others.

It does not take any brains to engage in fantasy free thought. Mostly what I can tell you in this blog is what is not true. Knowing that the notions on which thinking in this country is based are not true, puts one at a great advantage in anticipating the future. Americans largely believe they have representation in government. In the coming crisis, they will discover that representation is cosmetic. Citizens have been duped into believing those they elect have a natural incentive to serve them. Citizen do not actually serve the government. Citizens serve politically powerful interests who use government as a way of exploiting them.

The system we have in practice is completely different from the one that exists on paper. So, the system will crumble. The unsuspecting will be at the biggest disadvantage.


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