Warm Fuzzier of Democracy

Democracy these days is the word that is used to talk about governments that are based on democratic principles. Yes, the United States is set up as a republic.

Doesn’t it just give you the warm fuzzies knowing that we have an all get along and everybody is participating form of government? Leave school in the United States and that is the mental picture you are left with. What we need in this country is for everyone to be on the right philosophical page, right? Then our leaders will understand the will of the people and act accordingly? Thank God for self government you say?

Is there any reason why you don’t expect your cat to fetch a stick like a dog? Of course, you can see that it is a cat and not a dog. Dogs do different things than cats. Well, do democracies cause fairness to spread across the land? Guess what? Self government does not work in the way Americans expect it to. The brain is not a fairness seeking organ. The brain is an organ that finds the best method of survival. When our political system is democracy based, is there really any reason to expect leaders who are devoid of self interest to emerge and do all they can to help the voters who elected them?

Now, some people know how to get what they want out of government and have the power to get results. If you and the group you belong to are expecting to get something because your representatives know what you and the majority of constituents want, you are going to wait out your lifetime without getting results. With your lack of political power you are part of the donor class. You come out on the short end of the stick with every bill that gets passed.

I hate to say it but when people expect democracy to work in a way it has no chance of working, there is not much chance life will improve for the average person in the united states.


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